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Hi!  I'm Jennifer Yoder and I am the owner and baker of Sweet Construction Bakery.  I have loved baked goods my entire life and even though I went into the corporate world originally, the thought to have my own bakery one day never left my mind.  

My husband and I moved to Raleigh, NC in 2018 and love it here! I am a self-taught baker, taking different types of classes that have inspired my concept.  My favorite baked goods are cookies, pies, brownies, and just about anything with chocolate!  After taking an online course, I had a dream to create unique, flavorful cookies and pies in a little shop. The best part is that as my customer you would get to construct your own delicious treat each time you order using my base recipes, or you can select one of my pre-made recipes.  With the help of my wonderful husband, family and friends, I pull inspiration for my flavor profiles from every day life.  Now in 2023 I've decided to step out of the corporate world and into this bakery full time!

I am grateful that you have visited my website!  Please take a look around and hopefully something will inspire your tastebuds.

Baker Jennifer Yoder and her Husband.
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